Never ending love for organic products 🌿

Heyyy guys! How are you all? Hope y’all fawsome [did you see what I did there?] wink wink

Today my blogpost is about this amazing organic skin care product line I recently discovered and I realllyyyy wanted to share it with you all!!! I’m a HUGE fan of organic homemade products. As my skin is very sensitive and oily and easily prone to acne, I have to be super conscious when it comes to using skincare products and I always prefer organic natural products rather then those highly expensive full of harmful chemical products.

First I’ll tell you that how I discovered this amazinggg brand of organic skin care products. So I went to a parlour last week with my mama in Lahore. The owner of that parlour Mariam was reallyyy sweet and friendly. She was doing the treatment on my mom when she mentioned that she also makes handmade organic skin care products under the name of Kishmish. The word ‘organic’ immediately grabbed my attention. The brand has a wide range of products for every skin type. From face cleansers to face masks/scrubs to body butter to lip balms and even hair oils, Kishmish has it all.

She showed me the products according to my skin type. My skin is very sensitive as I mentioned before and I have a super oily skin with some dry patches which makes it a combination skin. Almost all of the products are priced Rs. 999 only. I got two products:

  • Vitamin-C mask
  • Glowing skin mask and cleanser

Vitamin-C mask

I have used this mask twice since I bought it. The mask has a creamy and scrub like texture, you can even see little pieces of real oranges in it which is really interesting and great tbh. There are a lot of benefits of this mask. It can be used as scrub as well as a mask. It’s great for the production of collagen, protects skin against discolouration, improves skin texture and protects skin from UV damage.


Take a little amount of the the mask and spread it all over your face with fingers. Let it sit for 2 to 5 minutes and then rinse it with luke warm water. My skin felt fresh and a lot smoother than usual right after the first use. The container has a lot of product in it. I think one container can go for around 2 months easily.

Glowing mask and cleanser

This has to be my favourite current cleanser. I’m using it daily instead of my regular face wash since the day I bought it which makes almost 8 to 9 uses. This cleanser is full of healthy [and yummy] ingredients which are great for skin like turmeric, coconut powder, almonds, citrus, apricot and a lot moreee. The texture of the cleanser is very scrubby and thick which helps to remove all the dirt and oil from your skin very easily. It really makes your skin glow and look very healthy at the very first use. There are a lot of benefits of this cleanser. First of all it’s an organic homemade face wash without any harmful chemicals and preservatives which is amazing. It’s really beneficial if you want a glowing moisturised skin. It’s antibacterial, antioxidant, rejuvenating, removes scars and discolouration, reduces acne and pimples and lightens skin.


Mix a half tablespoon of cleanser with a half tablespoon of either yogurt, rose water or simple plain water. I prefer rose water because yogurt makes my skin a bit greasy. Lather it all over your face and massage it in circular motion with a very light hand. Don’t rub it at all. Leave it for 30 seconds and then wash it away. Your skin feel lovely right after the first use.The bottle is of 100 ml and it has a lot of product in it. It will easily go for a month.

I’ll leave the link to Kishmish’s website and Facebook page below. Do check them out.



And one thing I want to clear is that this is NOT a paid review. I found these products really helpful and thought to share it with you all.

Lots of love x

20 thoughts on “Never ending love for organic products 🌿”

  1. It’s always great to find awesome products and review them as a paying customer. It’s funny how, as bloggers, we feel we have to point out now that a review is not paid for as much as we have to point out when something is free.

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  2. I absolutely love your “Hello” and “Goodbye”. The name Kishmish is so super sweet and cute. The products sound great 👍


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