Never ending love for organic products 🌿

Heyyy guys! How are you all? Hope y’all fawsome [did you see what I did there?] wink wink Today my blogpost is about this amazing organic skin care product line I recently discovered and I realllyyyy wanted to share it with you all!!! I’m a HUGE fan of organic homemade products. As my skin is… Continue reading Never ending love for organic products 🌿


Heritage Now

Heritage Now was a two-day festival that celebrated and reflected upon the cultural heritage of Pakistan. The festival brought together professionals from Pakistan and various other countries to discuss pressing issues facing the museums and heritage sector in Pakistan through conversation, performance and art. I attended both the days of the event and was amazed… Continue reading Heritage Now


Hoga Saaf Pakistan 

6 kids die every hour because of diarrhoea in Pakistan. A disease which can be easily prevented. Even today, there are 25 million people who do not have access to proper toilets. Almost half of the households do not have a facility to wash their hands with soap and water. These unhygienic conditions promote unhealthiness… Continue reading Hoga Saaf Pakistan 


Meri Eid Ki Look 

While we saw Eid-ul-fitr approaching everyone could not just stop talking about what their Eid look would be all about.  For kids eid is all about eidi 💸  But for us ladies it's a little more special because it gives us a reason to dress up and slayyy.  Let's face it: Us girls love getting… Continue reading Meri Eid Ki Look 


Things NFAK has taught me.


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is not just a human who was a legend, he is an experience, he is magic. The kind of magic not everyone can experience but only those who actually want to and try to. And once they do, it’s really hard to get out of that. Well it can be said that there are NFAK muggles too who don’t like him but lets just ignore them, not everyone is lucky.  Jeff Buckley called him his Elvis and a god, Shekhar Kapur (don’t ask who he is b/c even I don’t know) said that he was the closest to God while working with NFAK and I agree.

Now before any of you tries to act smart, WE KNOW NFAK DIDN’T USE TO WRITE HIS OWN QAWWALIS. But who would have known Bulleh Shah, Amir Khusro or any other poet so closely if it wasn’t for NFAK?


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Beauty: A single word with diverse meanings. 

Beauty has a widespread and somewhat different notion in each part of the world, no doubt the beauty standards and the need to be perfect has been a platform to be socially acceptable. The phrase beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is true in certain aspects of life. Every part of the world… Continue reading Beauty: A single word with diverse meanings. 


Sparkling heroes ✨✨

In Pakistan, a country which is filled with immense talent which, unfortunately, is overlooked or people are unknown. Sparkistan – an initiative taken by Atlas Battery to show the Spark of our unsung heroes. To discover more about our stars, we travelled all over Pakistan to record their Sparking story. Atlas battery showcased the story… Continue reading Sparkling heroes ✨✨