Heritage Now

Heritage Now was a two-day festival that celebrated and reflected upon the cultural heritage of Pakistan. The festival brought together professionals from Pakistan and various other countries to discuss pressing issues facing the museums and heritage sector in Pakistan through conversation, performance and art.

I attended both the days of the event and was amazed to see such a beautiful environment. I always had a thing for history and museums and heritage so this festive weekend was like a fantasy world for me.

And the best part was that it was free and open to public. How amazing is that????!!

On the Day 1 at Heritage Now, I first encountered the registration desk. The team were highly professional there, registered my name smoothly and guided me towards the venue. Then I saw this gorgeous colourful setup of craft bazaar which truly reflected the culture of Lahore. From stalls of traditional jewellery and parandas to forgotten toys and crafts of the past to hand painted lahori khussas to beautiful live calligraphy, it was a complete amazing cultural package. And traditional beautiful rickshaws were seen at various points.

I got this beautiful calligraphy from one of the stalls done by Asif Sahb who is a student of Ustad Gohar Qalam. Asif Sahb is also currently teaching at NCA. He was doing live calligraphy at Heritage Now. Isn’t is gorgeous??!!

There were a total of 8 panel discussions. 4 on each day. I attended around 3 panel discussions. The ones I attended are the following

  • Artist license, identity and memory: Drawing from Heritage
  • Illicit trafficking of cultural artefacts
  • Audience development and museums

Each of the panel discussions were so informative. The panelists were highly qualified and full of knowledge and they were engaging the audience in a very encouraging manner. The Q/A session at the end gave the audience an upper hand while communicating their issues. I learned so much from them.

Sophie Makariou said,

One of the biggest problems is bringing our younger generation to the museums.


Mughal e Funk

Mughal-e-Funk is a contemporary instrumental fusion/funk band that consists of four members; Kami Paul on the drums, Rufus Shahzad on synths and keyboard, Rakae Jamil on the sitar and Farhan Ali on the bass. The band began working on original compositions in 2015, and since then have completed six tracks that will be released in the form of an EP in December. The band’s name is inspired by the Mughal Era, and the compositions are named after the Mughal Emperors.

The band performed sooo good. I never thought I’ll enjoy instrumental music because it’s not my kind of music but I really enjoyed itttt. And I LOVE KAMI PAUL. HE WAS FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!!

****Alert!!! Fangirl moment****

Guyssss I met Noori at Heritage Now. I’m a hugeeeeeee Noori fan and if you’re on my Twitter you would know that how obsessed I am with Ali Hamza. He’s even more cuteeee irl 😂😭❤️

Heritage Now was presented by The British Council, Walled City of Lahore Authority, French Embassy in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, UNESCO and Government of Pakistan National History & Literary Heritage Division. And was supported by U.S. Embassy Pakistan, European Union, University of the Punjab, Alhamra Arts Council Lahore, Luxus Grand Hotel, Alliance française Lahore, AFD and PIA. Its curating partners include Morango, The Little Art, ASSITEJ Pakistan, SAMAAJ and Social Innovation Lab.

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